Day 757-758: Weekend Edition 9-10 April 2022 by Lord Omlette

Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Saturday - Got up a little before 11am after a stupid dream about being too sick after a single drink... but before that was a dream about bringing pizza to a bunch of internet friends I mostly hadn't spoken to since AIM went away. I wonder what they're doing. I hope they're OK. cry

Knocked a couple problems from Axler out of the park to keep up the momentum! victory!  love and peace!

Lunch = powerbars + a pear - coffee.

Spent most of the day working on my N'KARI campaign so I could put some polish on my More Heroes mod and also keep testing Fudging Vassals.

Wrote postcards to Florida Democrats.

Dinner = leftover Mongolian beef + a white claw + Invasion of Astro-Monster (aka Godzilla vs Monster Zero).

Tried to advance in that MMA tutorial but my mind hit a weird blank. Ugh.

Changing the moss ball water took way too long. Not sure how I managed to do this without a problem before...

Naturally I got completely distracted and skipped taking a shower for the 3rd night in a row.

Sunday - Woke up mostly on time.

Lunch = Dunkin because weather was too shit to take a constitutional.

Found a bad bug in Fudging Vassals. It made me not want to release since I didn't know what else was there...

Quick shaved, groomed, showered, got out the door and onto a bus.

Long talk w/ Meg about what happened to Stella and how she felt about it. She pointed out that the family members who've died so far are people we personally weren't terribly close to, which feels horrible to say, with the exception of Ashwin-mama, so we don't really know how to grieve. Obviously Meg was devastated, but in a way strangely free, because she'd known for some time what would happen. Stella was so good about the entire process, and she basically let Meg know it was time. I told her that Stella was lucky to have such a loving mother for such a long time.

Dinner = German doner kebab wide eyed + Fanta + Moon Knight, which was fucking great. Good times. Pleasantly surprised soda didn't destroy me, and I'll be sure not to do that again.

Kayul called in between the 2 episodes. Kai went bonkers, he had no idea he was going to get both of us. sticking tongue out

After walking home, kept trying to find bugs in Fudging Vassals, but also advanced in axler to stay on whiteboard, yeehaw.

Reviewed Thrawn: Alliances by Timothy Zahn. Loved it, obviously!

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Day 756: Friday 8 April 2022 by Lord Omlette

Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Got out of bed around 11am after a horrendous night of almost no sleep. The one dream I had was about not being able to come home from a family trip to England.

Dropped off postcards, then took a constitutional! The weather was so nice out! Lunch = Dunkin.

Started a new campaign to test changes to the More Heroes mod. Also realized I'd need new screenshots for the Fudging Vassals mod. Whoops.

Dinner = sesame chicken + a White Claw + WWE Smackdown + AEW Rampage. Wheeler Yuta, holy shit, I think that dude just earned the respect of everyone.

Started the next Project Rosalind problem. Also tried to get back on the wagon for Axler which sadly I didn't do yesterday. Did 3 problems... the 2nd was a real holy shit moment where I was just bullshitting but nailed it on the first try. Maybe I really am getting better.

Got to bed around 3:30am... suboptimal at best.

Getting crankier and crankier that the Biden Administration isn't doing more to sanction companies that won't stop doing business in Russia. glare

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Day 755: Thursday 7 April 2022 by Lord Omlette

Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Got out of bed a little before noon. Stupid, but I was so exhausted from lack of sleep, there wasn't much I could do.

Lunch = powerbars + a pear. no way was I going out in this rain.

Made a huge breakthrough in the Fudging Vassals mod! Finally, we're almost ready to release!


Dinner = Mongolian beef from PF Chang + a couple of White Claws. Shut up, I had a coupon. And it was actually pretty good!

Game night w/ MoshingBadger & BackrowBobby was 2 rounds of 7 Wonders Architect until we switched to Space Base. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but it was still fun. No word from VikingGoat. We suspected Owlbert was in a mood so we didn't bother him too much.

Stayed up late to watch MLW Fusion and then Godzilla vs Mothra while working on both the new More Heroes mod and Fudging Vassals.

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Day 754: Wednesday 6 April 2022 by Lord Omlette

Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Forced myself to roll out of bed after oversleeping by over an hour. Tried to get a refund for my compensators, but I didn't have a receipt. Hopped in the shower, hopped on the bus, and somehow wound up at work 5 minutes early. What the fuck.

Completely misinterpreted emails and invites: Today was our official return to work, and I could've stayed home Monday and Tuesday. cry

Lunch = chicken paella + croissant + cheese danish, the latter two left over from the office breakfast which I'd skipped.

Didn't take any tickets because of my rapid responder shift. Oh well. So many faces, old and new: JW, AR, RPG, AT, et al. It was a good day for random socializing.

Started setting up k3s for next week's Kubernetes rotation. Was a little shocked by how easy everything seemed.

Skipped the champagne toast and went home on time... or so I thought. There was a long line at the bus, then I missed my stop. angry

Dinner = leftover shrimp & scallop poke bowl + JD downhome punch + White Claw.

Virtual WNA - Mostly just us talking. Asked Queep for a ride to Ezra & Curtis' wedding, no joy. Will try to hitch ride with Thor.

Stayed up late to watch AEW Dynamite and start a new campaign as N'kari. Got my first rando asking for an update to Fudging Vassals. Fuck you, it's ready when it's ready.

Progressed a bit in Axler to stay on the whiteboard.

Got to bed around 2:30am.

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Day 753: Tuesday 5 April 2022 by Lord Omlette

Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Got up feeling my compensators had been removed overnight. What the fuck.

Even though 3 buses passed me by, I still got to the office 10 minutes earlier than yesterday. What the fuck?

Took 2 tickets, 1 because the SLA was so friggin' low and the other so I could look busy.

Lunch = salmon beet salad. It was very juicy. dead

Skipped office hours because I lost track of time. Meeting w/ named client #2 was quiet but I derped on a key question and we had to send a followup apology & email. Meeting w/ named client #1 was a little more lively. They're looking forward to MongoDB World. After those meetings, hid in a war room so I could avoid people.

Got answers out to all of my tickets long before 7pm, so I was able to leave on time. Whoo!

Stopped by Red Poke on the way back. Also hit up Best Liquors for drinks.

Dinner = shrimp & scallop poke bowl + key lime pie + AEW Dark + the long awaited patch 1.1 for Total War: Warhammer 3. The workshop is now available, so everyone's mods are coming out of the woodworks. Dynamic localization is still busted so I can't release Fudging Vassals as is. The food was good, the pie was great, Dark was good as always, but my personal modding situation sucks. cry

By the time I formulated a plan on what to do next, it was almost 1am. Fucking fuck fuck

Lori Kornblum lost. Heartbreaking, but we remained true. I fucking hate Wisconsin and most of the voters who live there. cry

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Day 752: Monday 4 April 2022 by Lord Omlette

Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

I hate hate hate that I had to wake up at 7:30am, but here we fucking are. Got up, got ready. Got on the bus. Refilled my metrocard. Arrived in the office @ 11:15am. Felt happy that I was disciplined enough to not check my work email until I was almost there. Fuck looking at work outside of work hours! angry

The usual suspects were there. No surprises. Got through standup easily. We all fit in the war room, yeehaw.

Lunch = smoked turkey & brie sandwich from Sandwicherie. ♥

Took a new ticket so it looked like I was working. Took back the around-the-world ticket from the fucking weekend. The escalation engineer for that ticket reached out to me directly to dispel my doubts. Whoops.

Participated in office hours, briefly. Just a reminder of how unpopular some of our decisions can be, blah.

1:1 w/ my boss was rushed because we were both stressed for time. Weirdly, when I got out that meeting, I felt that maybe coming into the office was a good thing?? wide eyed

Had a chat w/ SM to remind him to not work so fucking late, but it couldn't be helped because his call was horrendously long. Wish he'd reached out to a manager earlier. Live & learn.

Left the office @ 7:15pm, not bad.

Dinner = the last of the leftover General Tso's - alcohol + key lime pie + AEW Elevation. I fucking earned that pie by not eating any candy in the office! victory!  love and peace!

Did a few problems in Axler to get on the whiteboard.

Got to bed about half an hour earlier than yesterday, something I desperately needed. dead


RIP Derrick Ferguson. He died a year ago. Josh Reynolds wrote a lovely tribute. His website no longer works sadly, but this wordpress staging site still does...

Chariot of the Gods part 2 from GehennaGaming was great! I loved it. I wish I had a crew to play the Alien RPG with now...

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Day 750-751: Weekend Edition 2-3 April 2022 by Lord Omlette

Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Saturday - Woke up on time, but took my sweet ass time getting ready. Immediately I noticed there was an around-the-world ticket waiting, so I took it to spare myself the dishonor of being told to take it. The goddamn thing took the entire fucking day to handle. cry

Lunch = Dunkin. No time for a constitutional even though the weather was strangely co-operative...

Helped AK and BJ with reviews.

Replaced the water filter. Cleaned the water pitcher. Opened some packages that had piled up.

Dinner = General Tso's + JD downhome punch + Two Chicks' whiskey ginger cocktail + WRESTLEMANIA 38! Finally we got the debut of Cody Rhodes, complete with Kingdom by Downstait, versus Seth Freaking Rollins. Even better: Cody won! victory!  love and peace!

Experimented with porting the No AI Diplomacy Offers mod to Total War: Warhammer 3. So far, so good...

Wrote postcards to Florida Democrats in Putnam County.

Went to bed at 4am, for some hilariously stupid reason.

Sunday - Barely slept at all, just shivered underneath the sheets. Just a horrendous night wtf. The one time I did sleep, there was a dream where our courtroom interrogation was interrupted by a man moving towards us with a grievous head injury. "Oh, that person needs medical attention. Let me see if I can help." Why cry

Got out of bed just as my shift was starting. Again, took assignment of two around-the-world tickets so I wouldn't have to deal with people asking me to take tickets. Eventually got saddled w/ a third. cry

Lunch = powerbars + a pear - coffee.

Did reviews for AK and FH.

Fixed the toilet seat. Cleaned the bathroom. Got unreasonably angry when I realized I might be forced to miss Wrestlemania kickoff to handle calls. Fuck that!

Wrote postcards for Gregory Pelham, then ran them to the post office. Nearly got into a fight with Tony the Democrat on Twitter, but if he's going to insist 6 days is plenty of time for our postcards to reach, who am I to disagree! glare

Dinner = boneless spare ribs + JD's downhome punch + Two Chicks' ginger whiskey cocktail + WRESTLEMANIA 38 NIGHT 2! The Sami Zayn vs Johnny Knoxville + the entire cast of Jackass match was fucking great! The rest of the night was OK. Roman Reigns won and unified the championships, so I was happy, but the ending felt abrupt. Oh well.

Kept going in the diffeq MMA tutorial. Looks like I've slept on this a little too long, so I'll have to get back into it again sometime soon.

Went to bed around 2am, because I have to go into the fucking office in the morning. I hate this stupid ass rule and I hope a shit ton of people quit, forcing management to change their fucking mind.

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Day 749: Friday 1 April 2022 by Lord Omlette

Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Didn't want to get up. When I did, got ready absurdly slowly. The side effects of the meds that I'd mostly been able to ignore on Wednesday or Thursday hit me full swing today. sick

Lunch = pb sandwich - coffee.

Unlike yesterday, I got my goddamn ass kicked today. I took one new ticket, and worked my existing tickets, and helped RPG with his ticket, and answered questions whenever & wherever I could... but I didn't get anywhere near as much accomplished as yesterday. cry

Ran to Great Wall to pick up Chinese food.

Dinner = boneless spare ribs + JD downhome punch + WWE Smackdown + Impact! Multiverse of Matches.

Kept going in Axler so I wouldn't lose momentum.

Found a weird bug in Fudging Vassals which took a couple hours to fix... but it's fixed now, praise Sigmar!

Made sure to take a shower before going to bed, because I was starting to reek. sticking tongue out

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Day 748: Thursday 31 March 2022 by Lord Omlette

Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Woke up exactly when I wanted to, made it to the meeting on time. Regaled everyone with my Chicago adventures. Got ready as quickly as I could. Took a ticket that looked easy af.

Took a constitutional! On the way, picked up my latest hold from the Weehawken Library, then refilled the Strattera from Park Ave Pharmacy. Did my best to bring packages inside from where FedEx had left them, then grabbed lunch from Dunkin. ♥

Office hours was almost a full hour. Worked a ticket I'd picked up yesterday. Passed along some bad news to a different ticket.


Went grocery shopping.

Dinner = last of the leftover Wow Bao + JD downhome punch + Two Chicks whiskey ginger cocktail. ♥

Game night started with the others (VikingGoat, Owlbear, BackrowBobby, MoshingBadger) playing Space Base because I was late. That took well over an hour, so I insisted we play something shorter once that was done. We switched to 7 Wonders and every round was super close. A whole lotta fun! victory!  love and peace!

Started working on the next book report. Watched the latest Impact! while trying to advance in Axler.

I felt pretty tired (not as bad as last night, but still), so I skipped showering so I could get my ass to bed.

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Day 747: Wednesday 30 March 2022 by Lord Omlette

Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Mostly woke up on time. Got ready reasonably quickly though. Started reviewing everything I'd missed, which took a while. IZ had taken one of my most aggravating tickets, but the other one hadn't been touched by anyone, so I left it alone hoping maybe it'd just go away without ever having to deal with that asshole again.

Standup took fucking forever for some reason. Whatever.

Lunch = pb sandwich - coffee.

Took one ticket because I was shamed into it by a far better man. Took another ticket when the traffic cop begged me to. Both times I waited until the very last minute to push to make it look like I was working hard. sticking tongue out

Office hours was busy. The new east coast team meeting that I thought would be a waste of time was very clearly not: it was badly needed! wide eyed

During my 1:1 w/ FH she made it clear she'd been pushing for such a meeting. Looks like my boss finally got pushback from all the other bosses, so he had to do it. FH & I compared our respective vacations. Good times.

Dinner = leftover teriyaki chicken + JD downhome punch.

Virtual WNA - The gang was all here and we were going to play something, and then I conked out. About half an hour later I woke up and disconnected and went to lie down. I have no idea what the fuck happened here. confused, embarrassed

Restarted my N'kari campaign so I could test my most recent mods.

Wrecked the next Project Rosalind problem to ensure I'd get on the whiteboard... but then I completely lost track of time and ended up skipping showering or anything productive.

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