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Day 12: Tuesday 10 December 2019 by Lord Omlette


PAX Unplugged 2019

We woke up and got ready early at *my* insistence. (I know, I know.) Breakfast at the diner in RTM. Waitress was happy to re-explain scrapple and corn beef hash to us. Good food, way more coffee than I wanted though. I ran back to the AirBnB to cleanup and finish packing. No headache today, reaffirming the need to avoid vodka.

Off to the Marriott so I could stow my bag. I got some stuff from Starbucks for everyone. Way more caffeine than expected in mine, double whoops. It took longer than expected, and I left a big tip since they were so patient with me.

In the lounge, CookieMom had joined VikingGoat & NerdBert. We introduced him to Illimat. I learned a bunch of new rules in the process. It was close up until the end... then I won?!

Then it was time for goodbyes and hugs. cry CookieMom had already tossed his room card, but it was OK because someone exited as soon as I got there, so I was able to sneak into the hotel bathroom. sticking tongue out

Walked through the drizzle to the used bookstore next to the library. One of the two store cats was super affectionate, couldn't find the other one. Selection was too general for me. Next walked through a park to the B&N for a Nook case. Couldn't find one that fit perfectly, but grabbed it anyone because it was close enough and the goal was to keep the stupid thing from banging around my backpack. Also grabbed a cute bookmark because why not. Back to RTM to grab chocolate for Mom & Dad and a cookie for myself. Immediately after I removed my jacked, a car drove through a puddle and got me good. Ugh. Back to the Marriott to pick up my luggage.

The bus was boarding as I took the long way to the bus terminal. No yelling this time, whoo. Driver gave a hilarious speech about how late were going to be, thumbs up. Driver wouldn't turn on the lights, so no reading, thumbs down. Tried to nap. Weather, tunnel traffic, and the Jersey City shooting meant we were well over 1.5 hours late. The guy on my right got clocked by a stainless steel water bottle that flew out of the overhead bin. Most likely belonging to his seat neighbor.

Arrived in the PABT around 6:30pm. Once we got in the tunnel, it wasn't so bad. The line for the gate was fucking nuts, thankfully it actually moved. Some asshole tried to cut in front of me, I dragged him by his backpack towards the stairs and explained he had to go downstairs and around. He tried to cut **again**, so I kept yelling until he left.

At home, apartment was only 81°F! Dinner = General Tso's + Crabbie's. Unpacked, did the laundry, watched last week's AEW Dynamite. Tried to catch up on comics.

A homeless guy was chilling in the first floor. I figured if any of the first floor residents had ever bothered speaking to me, even once, I might be inclined to give a shit, but I felt it wasn't my problem. At least until he fell asleep on the staircase and I had to dance to carry the laundry basket without accidentally hitting him.

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