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Day 13: Wednesday 11 December 2019 by Lord Omlette


PAX Unplugged 2019

Oh boy, can I keep up the momentum? Nope :-(

Woke up late, got ready slowly. Hit 70 dead bug, 70 crunches, 60 reverse crunches.

Lunch = leftover General Tso's.

Didn't do much beyond reading comic books and trying to type up notes from vacation.

Surprisingly easy trip to WNA Apartment, where we did Friendsgiving. Ezra made canolis, Queep had socialist ham, Thor made pumpkin pie, SteelNDirt had to borrow a ladder for something, Mulletman had bread and stuff. There was also mac & cheese, turkey, chicken, cranberry sauce. The whole thing was great, superb. Rin & Gabi showed up for a bit. I brought Smirnoff Ice screwdriver "football edition" (whatever the fuck that means). Thor also brought some fancy wine, that was nice.

Spent alot of time talking about nothing in particular. Mulletman didn't drink ham juice, but he did put mac & cheese in a canoli shell, and it worked.

Quiet Lyft home. Stayed up too late for no reason. I've learned nothing, but Friendsgiving was a great end to a great vacation.

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