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Day 859: Thursday 12 December 2019 by Lord Omlette


We Rocking Weehawken

Woke up on time, got ready kinda on time. The NA/Europe team meeting was my welcome back to work.

Lunch = beyond sausage sandwich from Dunkin. ♥

Took back 3 tickets that had no activity, took a single new ticket. Spent most of the day reviewing comments by my newer colleagues.

And fixing my mods for the new DLC in Total Warhammer. ♥

After showering, dinner = leftovers from yesterday's Friendsgiving - alcohol.

Took the bus to Hoboken to pick up my meds from CVS and to also grab groceries. The Walgreens (formerly a Rite Aid) had the floss that I need, the type that lets me finish in under 20 minutes. I swear to Sigmar, I hate everything about my stupid body. Can't wait for self-cleaning robo teeth. Took a Lyft home because there were no buses going my way. Why would there be?

Came home to find a colleague had departed over our company's chickenshit leadership. Dude had spent a month trying to fix a bug a client had found, and in the process taught me so much about instrumenting Windows that I'd never known before. Fucking hell. What a stupid fucking trade.

Stayed up too late fiddling with random stuff that didn't mean anything. This ICE bullshit messed me up. cry

The Brits failed to stop Brexit? Every crime the British Empire visited on the world will now be repaid to them in full, and still I'm sad. Goddammit. I should have no sympathy for those monsters, and yet this just piled onto my sadness. angry

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