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Day 860: Friday 13 December 2019 by Lord Omlette


We Rocking Weehawken

Woke up mostly on time, but got ready slowly. Bah. Missed the tweets about tunnel traffic, so didn't get to the office until around 1pm.

Lunch = pork bowl from Oxido. ♥

Took over a ticket for my boss since he's out today.

And that's it. The ticket from yesterday closed itself when the dude YOLOed it, safety be damned.

Brief conversations with TPG and FH.

Only 5 people total endorsed my outcry yesterday, no one else wanted to be associated with me. Cowards or evil, I can't tell. Didn't realize SL also left. No idea if it was also ICE related, but I'm gonna miss him deeply. No more capture the flag at the next offsite. I might have to work. Blarg.

Longer trip home than I'd like. It was raining so I took the subway. The bus line was long and *multiple* motherfuckers tried to cut the line. Everyone was sufficiently vocal that I think they were stopped. (I couldn't see.)

Finished reading Death and Defiance. Onwards and upwards...

Started a new campaign as KARL FRANZ. There are so many weird little bugs in the campaign, I can't tell how many are due to me fucking up or are part of the vanilla game. I wish the other modders would update faster. cry Stayed up WAY too late because the campaign was so good. ♥

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