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Day 29-30: Weekend Edition 11-12 April 2020 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Saturday - Slept in by several hours. Skipped working out and stretching, like I did the entire fucking week. Lunch = Dunkin. LAUNDRY.

Kept going w/ my ARANESSA SALTSPICE campaign. I think I've got my changes to Amanar working as desired... I'll need 1 more campaign with a non-vampirate race to know for sure.

Did nothing! Absolutely nothing! Today was a desperately needed zero-pressure day off.

Short chat w/ IT. She & MarshalRusty are doing OK. I can't wait to see both after this fucking quarantine ends.

Dinner = leftover chicken & rice & salad + a couple of Smirnoff Ices.

After showering, went to bed without doing anything else. victory!  love and peace!

Sunday - Tried not to sleep in.

Lunch = pb sandwich + a pear - coffee.

Started a new campaign as MARKUS ... WULFHART so I could make sure my changes to Amanar would work with a non-vampires faction... Surprise (to me): everything worked fine! wide eyed

Vacuumed the house. Showered. Shaved.

Dinner = the last of the leftover chicken from Pollo Supreme + rice & beans + salad + a single Smirnoff Ice... I wanted more, but it was getting late so...

Stayed up rather late working on the campaign. Goddamn do I hate lizardmen!

Someone left a garbage bag outside the garbage cans, prompting a hilarious sign from one of our neighbors. sticking tongue out

Zandar is predicting massive food shortages soon. If we thought hording was bad when people thought there was a toilet paper shortage... wide eyed

I can't believe John Conway is dead. I can't even mourn without feeling like a fraud because I've got fucking nothing to show that I'm anything but a fraud. The loss is immeasurable to everyone who knew him, and here I am whining about myself. Amazing.

Reviewed the Dangerous Women anthology.

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