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Day 32: Tuesday 14 April 2020 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Dreams - We went to a spa. All of us. HTHS, Stevens, family, and current co-workers. We had lots of fun doing spa things and not working. It was great. No plot twists of any kind. Just being happy together.

Slept in by almost an hour.

Lunch = Dunkin w/ a seriously generous amount of snackin' bacon. wide eyed

Didn't take any new tickets. Too busy with calls for tickets I already had. Got lots of support from colleagues... but the calls themselves were meh. I like this one guy (E) from an oil company, but we didn't get as far as we maybe could have...

Team all hands meeting was around 7pm. I made sure to speak up so people knew I was still here. sticking tongue out

Dinner = leftover salad + the last of the rice & beans + the last of the Smirnoff Ice... gonna have to grab more tomorrow. WWE Raw was fun but everyone is freaking out over the blatant bribery keeping open the Performance Center in Florida... and rightfully so, it's disgusting!

Stayed up way too late doing the Secure Code Warrior assessment... but I beat the deadline by less than an hour! victory!  love and peace!

Today was so busy I almost didn't have a chance to play Total War, but I did manage to eke out two heroic victories despite being absurdly outnumbered! And then the campaign ground to a halt due to the impossibly stupid adding trait bug. It's legendary, so no earlier save for me to return to. Fuck. cry

Noticed HS was up at 3am so we chatted for a bit. He's way more useful than I am. wide eyed

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