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Day 33: Wednesday 15 April 2020 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Dreamt about a fatal 4-way wrestling cage match with Jolo, Cody Rhodes, and Chris Jericho. Is this my first dream about wrestling?? wide eyed

Slept in by well over an hour. Skipped the standup, whoops.

Lunch = pb sandwich + pear - coffee.

Spent alot of time reviewing comments for other people. My own tickets were somewhat active. Got a call pushed back til tomorrow.

Last minute call to look into some issues for a customer went better than I feared. victory!  love and peace!

Forgot about taxes, goddammit! So sloppy.

Dinner = chicken wings + California roll from Teri Teri + Smirnoff Ice. The sweet & spicy sauce is pretty fucking crap, should've stuck to the soy honey.

Virtual WNA - Low energy, I think we were all exhausted. Something about cat fishing. Then more Push the Button... but only one round, which the humans lost. Then we showed Mulletman some videos. Then we played a little bit of Colonel Sanders dating sim.

Someone found a hilariously stupid bug in Underdogs mod, rushed out a fix for that.

Stayed up til 3 IN THE FUCKING MORNING working on my new Balthazar Gelt campaign, which will hopefully not bug out.

I wish we could've something for Kayul's bday, but that's obviously not happening anytime soon. cry


WWE released 20 wrestlers and 9 producers despite receiving a hefty bailout and the fact that they're on track for a profitable year. So stupid. angry

Russia has won the civil war in Libya somehow. The shooting hasn't stopped of course, but hey, Putin's just so magically fucking amazing that he can win any war he wants??

Early last spring, just before a planned American-backed peace conference between warring factions in Libya, the aspiring Libyan strongman Khalifa Hifter arranged a phone call with John R. Bolton, then the White House national security adviser. Mr. Hifter did not want to talk peace. A former Libyan Army general and onetime C.I.A. client, Mr. Hifter wanted a White House blessing for a surprise attack to seize Tripoli, the capital, before the peace talks commenced. Mr. Bolton did not say no. The attack, launched last April 4, backfired badly. Mr. Hifter failed to capture Tripoli, overextended his forces and restarted a civil war -- killing thousands and displacing hundreds of thousands more. The fighting has cut off the flow of Libyan oil, injected new volatility into the region and severely diminished Washington's influence.

But one apparent winner has emerged: the Kremlin. Russia has operated with cold-eyed cynicism, taking advantage of three years of muddled messages from the Trump administration to become a critical kingmaker in Libya, a geopolitical prize with vast energy reserves and a strategic location on the Mediterranean.

… Libya had foundered in chaos since a NATO air campaign helped oust Colonel Qaddafi during the Arab Spring uprisings of 2011. Extortionist militias, militant extremists and migrant traffickers ran amok as the country was divided into fiefs. Officially, the United States recognized only the United Nations-sponsored provisional government in Tripoli.

… For several years, Russia had provided military supplies to Mr. Hifter and printed millions of dollars in newly minted Libyan currency for him to distribute. But the secret report showed that the operatives were much more skeptical of Mr. Hifter than were the Arab rulers advising the White House. Mr. Hifter, now 76, had recurring health problems. He won few military victories and had instead gained territory by "buying off local tribal groups for the right to place the flag," so that he could "raise his significance in the eyes of internal and external players," the report stated. Not only did the operatives conclude that any advance on Tripoli was almost certain to fail, as did an offensive in 2014, they also warned that Mr. Hifter was stubborn and had become increasingly "difficult" to his Russian advisers. "Hifter is using Russian help to increase his significance," the operatives wrote, but "there is a serious basis to suggest that in the event of his military victory, Hifter will not be loyal to Russian interests."

David D. Kirkpatrick
I love how it isn't until you get halfway through the fucking article that the New York Times deigns to inform us that, oh, by the way, Libya "foundered in chaos" after the United States overthrew the government. glare

The United States backed Hifter the entire time he's been rampaging across Libya, but when Russians decided that maaaaybe this psychopath isn't the best guy to rally behind, that's when the New York Times decided to publish a booga booga scare story? BTW, why can't we ever back competent dictators? Why do we always have to pick the incompetent ones? wide eyed

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