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Day 34: Thursday 16 April 2020 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Actually got up on time, mandatory since the team meeting was at the same time as I set my alarm. glare

Lunch = Dunkin, generous amount of bacon this time too! wide eyed

Took a new ticket at JJ's behest. They escalated immediately, then ignored both me and the escalation manager. glare

Phone call with bank customer was successful!!!! I'm surprised and elated!

Phone call w/ oil drillers wasn't, but it wasn't my fault, mostly.

Finally attended one of the optional happy hours. Smirnoff Ice tropical fruit, because I gotta keep it real. victory!  love and peace!

Missed a call with Kayul & Kai again! Arg

Dinner = leftover salmon & fried chicken from Teri Teri + Smirnoff Ice black cherry + company-wide all hands meeting.

Watched NXT and AEW. Enjoyed both, for the most part, which was nice. ♥

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