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Day 35: Friday 17 April 2020 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Woke up on time! Even better, got to stretch, something I'd skipped for almost a week and change because of how busy it's been... but I'd noticed that my hips were starting to get uncomfortably tight. dead

Ran to Wells Fargo. Contrary to what coup leader JT said the other day, the branch was still open and I was able to get quarters for the laundry.

Lunch = pb sandwich - coffee.

Took a single new ticket because a TC told me to, but I tried to worm my way out of it. Oil company ticket is maybe finally stabilized, yeehaw. Spent alot of time chatting with my boss and with FH to try and understand why the bank ticket can't connect to their deployment using our GUI tool. Good times.

Dinner = leftover salmon & fried chicken + 2 Smirnoff Ices.

Hangouts with Kai! He's really excited about Cars, the Pixar movie.

Sajel has been trying to get in touch w/ Mom using Whatsapp. No dice. I wonder if Mom is even looking in the right place...

D&D: Unnamed 5e campaign:

Al & Ajax continued exploring the house. According to the dossier, the caretaker Jones is legit. They found some broken windows. Lots of dust. So much dust. Ajax found a ballpeen hammer, possibly a murder weapon. Ajax wanted to hand it to the town police. Al said no, we can use it to frame someone. glare

I'm on the porch reading the infernal book that Al found in the haunted house's library. The book of Xermanos by one of the last living members of the family. Memoir of discovery written a very long time ago, maybe 100 years. Family tree, genealogy, also the excitement of finding a hidden cache of documents. The family line has been very clearly cursed. Many family members were tieflings. He doesn't know the name of the creature his ancestors did business with. The author met "a historian" who knew alot about the author's family's past. Last entry was about finding books that might describe the creature Tellarin's family did a deal with.

The upstairs is very dark and Al & Ajax couldn't see without a sunrod. The found yet another dusty room with a dusty, lumpy rug. Another pile of junk... with a faint magical glow? Beneath the floor? Al took his crowbar to the floor and uncovered a deck of very old tarot cards. Hm.

Ajax explored another room with cloth-covered furniture and another gaping hole. Al examined the room. Ajax tried to examine the room as well, and said something so stupid he felt intense shame... but he also caught a glimpse of someone in the mirror. Someone who isn't them. Al came over to confirm, but the figure vanished.

They proceeded to a hallway behind the room. No one there. Something strange at the end of the hallway within the walls... Al found eye holes. As he rounded the corner, he heard a small to medium size creature scampering away.

In the next room, lots more junk and open crates. Nothing useful in any of it. Ajax snagged a box with a rose and crown motif. Al examined the curio cabinet. One door opened, but the other was locked. Al found a perfectly ordinary rat corpse, not glowing.

The next door was locked. It's cold. Al held off on opening it. Ajax joined him before unlocking it. Empty. No magic. Very dusty... and they could clearly see that something had been on the floor, but was moved recently.

Next door, yet another locked door, also cold. Ajax felt something was wrong, and didn't want to proceed without me.

Outside, I'm just killing time when Ajax came to get me. I told him about the book, he told me about the room. I asked Sparky to join us, we'll keep each other safe.

It's a cold, dark basement. Large stone table, big metal door. Al sent Ajax to look for another set of creepholes... but Ajax's inferior human eyes revealed nothing at the end of the corridor. I examined the table. It's covered in dried viscera. The table was probably used to construct undead and/or golems. The process was little better than butchery.

Al tried to open the door. His thieves tools fly out of the lock almost as soon as he put them in. I noticed a dim blue light emanating from the lock. And then I couldn't see! I waved for Sparky, who came over as soon as he sensed my distress. Ajax couldn't see anything obviously wrong, but Al could see a magical blog covering my eyes. Ajax prayed to Avandra, and his deva responded... with surprisingly good reception. Ajax described the blob as blue and spectral. The deva said it might be psionic, or an enchantment, but it could be removed with dispel or remove curse. Ajax relayed this, and I cast dispel magic... and once again, I could see! Al was able to see a purplish blob fall to the floor and disintegrate.

Al couldn't find any obvious traps on the door, so he used a stethoscope. There's someone (or something!?) on the other side. Maybe that someone, and not the door, attacked me? I recommended knocking first. Ajax knocked, then introduced himself. No response.

Al checked the corner himself to confirm nothing's there before we tried the door again. Nothing. He tried again with the lockpicks, but the lock immediately ejected them again.

I checked my book on lockpicking to see if it recommended anything. Nothing. Al recommended checking upstairs first before we go ourselves into a fight. Great idea! I knocked on the door and let whoever was on the other end know we were leaving. Al waited to see if they fell for our ruse. Nope! So upstairs we went.


Stayed up late so I could restart my Balthazar Gelt campaign. I forgot some of the beats so I was behind by like 40 turns for no reason.

If you wish to comment, please do so at the entry itself and not on LJ. Thanks for reading!
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