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Day 36-37: Weekend Edition 18-19 April 2020 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Saturday - Woke up around 11am.

Lunch = Dunkin.

LAUNDRY. Including the bedsheets, not just the clothes. The assholes in the laundry alley were *not* practicing social distancing. Good thing I remembered to wear a t-shirt mask!

Actually got going again with Piaggio! Pretty happy about that, I'd been putting it off for too fucking long.

Hangouts with Kai. He's still really excited about Cars.

Dinner = leftover chicken wings + last of the leftover salmon + Smirnoff Ice. Teri Teri definitely fucked me by giving me far fewer wings than I'd asked for. angry

Showered, etc.

Stayed up late trying to catchup on blog stuff. Restarted my Empire campaign as KARL FRANZ since it was fairly obvious the Order Tide could handle the Chaos invasion with little input from me... this time, the forces of order were obliterated in under 40 turns, so this is gonna be great. wide eyed

Sunday - Got up around 11am, again. Hm.

Lunch = pb sandwich - coffee.

Hangouts with Kai before dinner. I think he's telling me to watch Cars. sticking tongue out

Dinner = the last of the leftover chicken wings + Smirnoff Ice.

I really fucking hate this attitude:

Only the Democratic party could take what should have been the most important election in 150 years and turn it into a competition between two abusers to see who can be more racist & xenophobic & get a Republican VP in faster.

Vote for Biden if you want, maybe Jeb Bush will be better than Trump, But I'm gonna start unfollowing/blocking/etc anyone I see shaming people for being unhappy Biden won the primary.

The phrase is "lesser of two evils" for a reason.

If you won't listen to Bernie Sanders when he says "vote for Biden", and you won't listen to Noam Chomsky when he says "vote for Biden or we could be looking at a second holocaust", then what the fuck could I possibly say to convince you that voting for the lesser of two evils IS LITERALLY LESS EVIL. Why would anyone prefer more evil than less evil? Do words just not fucking matter anymore? cry

Also too, Joe Biden may be unnecessarily touchy-feely, but he's not a fucking abuser. Tara Reade is a ratfucker, how do people not know the literal absolute basics of dirty politics? angry

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