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Day 71-72: Weekend Edition 23-24 May 2020 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Saturday (Staycation Day 2) - Actually woke up on time! But squandered it by derping around in a daze. Stupid.

Lunch = pb sandwich - coffee.

Because I thought I was smart, I figured the LAUNDRY could wait until after lunch, like the last 2 weeks. This time, 2 different fucking people, neither wearing masks, got loads in ahead of me, so I was delayed by well over a fucking hour. angry

Started a new Vortex campaign as Eltharion the Grim! Even better, the Community Bugfix Mod was updated just as I started, so I could play without the problems plaguing others. victory!  love and peace!

LAUNDRY took forever.

No Tony Baloney's for me since Ubereats nor their website would deliver. angry Instead, got it from Margherita's, and it wasn't bad... but I could've ordered from the place next door instead. confused, embarrassed

I was not late to AEW Double or Nothing despite Bleacher Report's best efforts! The show was fantastic, something for everyone, and just so fucking good!

Sunday (Staycation Day 3) - Stayed in by over an hour, again. Couldn't even say that I got a decent night's sleep. This is getting stupid.

Lunch = Dunkin... which could've gone smoother. I didn't get the snackin' bacon I ordered, and I could have gotten it much faster, but the order never came through, because their order printer didn't have any fucking paper! To make matters worse, I didn't have my phone with me because I don't like decontaminating the goddamn thing every time I step outside. So fucking stupid. And the red cherry on the shit sandwich: almost no one was wearing a mask! What fucking gives??

Finished my Eltharion campaign! This required finding a solution to a problem in someone else's mod. Tried to explain it to the author, and his response was "Nay." Well, it worked for me, I got the victory screen, so neener, neener. Asshole.

Vacuumed house. Showered. Was about to shave when Kai called. I think the shaving cream confused him into silence. They went to see Nanu & Nani today, and I wasn't there because I still don't feel comfortable outside.

Dinner = the last of the chicken wings from Teri Teri + leftover pizza + Mike's hard pineapple mandarin lemonade. ♥

Stayed up reeeeeeally late trying to get Yvresse's mistwalker units to show up in the High Elf Units for High Elfs mod... and I finally got it! victory!  love and peace!

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