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Day 76: Thursday 28 May 2020 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Staycation Day 7 - Woke up less than half an hour late to all sorts of feedback. Maybe I got listed somewhere? Hm. Did have a brief chat with someone about trying the Surthara Bae-Kec mod, but he said it was too much. I'm like "fuck you dude, she dies right away if you don't buff her!" Whatever.

Lunch = Dunkin. ♥

Fucking VikingGoat cancelled D&D again! angry So MoshingBadger and Nerdbert suggested putting together a B team game.

Ran to the library and was deeply uneased by all the people who weren't wearing masks. What is wrong with us? At least the book drop was empty so I could return Aubrey Sitterson's Comic History of Wrestling without incident. Then ran to the Fine Fare and got groceries. Plenty of bread, plenty of toilet paper, plenty of milk. Then ran and got drinks.

Missed phone call w/ Kai by less than 3 minutes. cry

Dinner = Tony Boloney's + Mike's hard black cherry lemonade + Smirnoff Ice pineapple.

Nerdbert directed me & MoshingBadger as we rolled new characters. Gadnuk (Badger) is a goblin brawler looking to raise money for an orphanage. Dulkut (me) is a Tortle member of the city watch hoping to get promoted to detective.

D&D: B campaign:

Gadnuk Orphanguard arrived in this port town looking for work to send money home to the orphanage. He headed to the Mermaid's Song because he wanted actual food. Fish & chips and beer. The server, Dugan, asked what he's in town for. Gadnuk is looking for a dojo where he can spar, and maybe earn a little cash. Gadnuk also asked about the next big ship job. Dugan mentioned Captain Arx. The shipyard office might know more.

Meanwhile, I'm looking for a menace to society who has injured many people in the course of his crimes. While asking around for more information, an elf advised me to check the bars. He mentioned pirates, but he personally knew no criminals. Pirates... mermaids lure sailors to their deaths. Maybe the Mermaid's Song?

Dugan asked if I'm allowed to drink on the job. I whispered that I'm working, and he brought me a water in an ale tankard. Dugan mentioned a few sailors a few days ago speaking in code about a job. 2 women, 2 men, all Eladrin from the Winter Court wearing black metal snowflakes. Could be up to no good. I thanked Dugan for the tip and slid him 2 GP.

Gadnuk noticed the exchange, paid for his meal, and left. I confirmed this was not a bribe, just grateful for the information. Dugan winked, I nodded, then headed out. Gadnuk noticed me innocently heading in the same direction, but thought I was following him, so he hurried up. He arrived at the portmaster's office before I did. I queued up behind him. The captain he was looking for had already booked it, so he's now looking for something else thought would get him closer to Darjis. The clerk (Merrybell) offered to call Gadnuk if new work arrived. Gadnuk also asked about a dojo. The local fighting guild might know. Crossed swords over shield.

The clerk wondered where she's seen me before. I checked to make sure we're unwatched, then showed her my badge. Some unruly Eladrin showed up, had to pay some fines for being crappy with paperwork, from the South reaches, Black Winter Queen. People from the Winter Court tend to not be very nice, usually illegal stuff on their ships. I thanked the clerk for her assistance and headed out.

Gadnuk headed to the Fighters Guild. But before he went in, he needed a room. Something cheap but not seedy. Some people recommended Black Sheep Inn. He met Mrs. Wool outside, arranged a room. Back to the guild... but only members can spare. Perhaps a dojo? The guild rep provided directions to a dojo in the city center, but the directions were rather complicated.

I asked around looking for the Black Winter Queen. I saw a black wooden ship w/ an elf figurehead. I didn't see anyone though, and the gangplank was down , so I boarded easy peasy. I tried knocking. Nothing. The door was unlocked. I went down the hall and knocked on the door there. Nothing, but this door was locked. I tried to knock on the left door, but the one behind me opened.

Me: Hello.
Him: Is this an inspection?
Me: No, but I have questions. Who are you?
Him: Roskoff from the North.
Me: What sort of cargo?
Roskoff: Everything's logged with the port.
Me: Where in the North are you from?
Roskoff: Arctistor.
Me: Interesting. Are you sure you're not from the South reaches?
Roskoff: ...
Me: Who received the cargo that you unloaded?
Roskoff: I am not allowed to share that information.

I thought he was stalling, and he was. He ran! I gave chase, but he had a surprise.

I tried to go up the ladder after him onto the deck. On the other side of the ship was some rope. I saw the dude running in the distance. Curses. I confiscated the rope as evidence.

Gadnuk eventually found the Iron Bear doo. Gadnuk asked for a sparring partner after a long 2 weeks stuck at sea. The dwarf paired him with Neville, a fairly inexperienced human. After beating on him, the dwarf (Bear) got in the ring. Bear ragdolled him easily, but Gadnuk earned his respect in the process. Bear offered to invite him to a tourney. Gadnuk asked for pointers, then dragged Neville into the ring so they could practice what Bear taught.


Had a 2 hour minor freakout where I couldn't get anything done. I managed to work *some* tiny bit of diffeq in to ensure the day wasn't wasted, but I wish I hadn't wasted that time... just like I wish I hadn't wasted my entire vacation by sleeping in so often. Oh well. confused, embarrassed

I am horrified that police are not just murdering people with impunity but also the fact that they're being so vicious against protesters when those same police did **NOTHING** against armed terrorists demanding an end to the lockdown. sick

If you wish to comment, please do so at the entry itself and not on LJ. Thanks for reading!
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