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Day 112: Friday 3 July 2020 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Slept in by a couple of hours. Wow did I need that.

Lunch = pb sandwich - coffee.

Dad had a fever yesterday, but it looks like it was just heat exhaustion since he was fine today. I wish those 2 would take it easy when it was hot out.

Shaved, which turned out to be a terrible mistake, because the sink clogged.

Only had to fob off a single ticket someone else, had to check in with another one. Whoo.

Dinner = Tony Boloney's. Also Magner's berry cider (they make berry cider!) + Crabbie's.

D&D: Unnamed 5e campaign

Back at the Vertruse manor, the Warden warned us that she's never run into a caster who could create such powerful enchantments. The Warden tried to warn Ajax & me not to wander too far down our paths. People who have become untethered in the past tended to become monstrous with their freedom.

The Warden asked Grimsby to find Dex. Dex appeared as soon as Grimsby left. He reminded Ajax that he can't restore Ajax's eye without sending Ajax back to Mount Ulyssia/Celestia, whatever. The cameo Ajax has is a symbol of Ioun. Dex said alot of timey-wimey bullshit. We (P4P) can remove items from fate, but not people. Ajax tried to bring the conversation back to Xermanos Manor and Auntie/Q.

The Vertruses have a pocket dimension for scrying dangerous things. They opened a gateway to the demiplane. Stone ground, endless field of stars. Al and Ajax walked through. I smiled and nodded. Dex used crystals to find his scrying circles. "North." The Vertruses argued about stuff. Dex filled us in on Rose, their sister the necromancer. They were on the trail of Thorne. Rose's body disintegrated when she died.

Ajax insisted we start the scrying. Dex warned us not to touch anything or talk to anyone, and question hallucinations.

Ajax, Al, and I stayed away from the circle. Dex and the Warden began their ritual. We could see a grotto in Indar. It vanished. Al and Ajax have heard of it before. Dex told us what went down in the grotto and how no one could get in without permission. We agreed to visit Indar next.

Al and I felt something try to get into our heads. Al isn't organic, but I am. I saw a purple hand rummage around inside my head. Grexith knocked it the fuck out and said "You're welcome."

Dex ased if we all felt that. Yes. Well, the Vertruses haven't been counterscryed in a while, so they won't be joining us. We exited the demiplane.

We argued briefly about how to get to Indar, but I was able to convince them by just repeating "teleport" over and over. We have access to a teleport ring, so why not?? We rang the silver bell to summon Grimsby. He took us to The Library, which I am told I cannot enter. Ridiculous, unfair. The Librarian asked what we needed. Some jaw jaw. 10-15 minutes later...

While Ajax rested to commune with his god, I reviewed Alterius' Grimoire to see if there was anything on scrying/anti-scrying. Al contemplated weaponizing anti-magic shell.

Ajax showed the icon of Ioun to his deva, something they hadn't had an opportunity to see before. Ajax asked for a boon and got a buff to luck for the 3 of us.

The Librarian was pleased that we waited. He set up the portal. Sparky and Frider followed the 3 of us through.


Looks like we can't go to Kayul's place because it's being hard cleaned so the realtor can take pictures, so I won't see them this Sunday. cry

Managed to get a tiny bit of whiteboard stuff in. Felt great, especially since I fell off the wagon for so long in June.

It only took WWE 4 months to institute an official mask policy. Great work! glare

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