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Day 166: Wednesday 26 August 2020 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Woke up on time and didn't feel destroyed?? wide eyed Got ready quickly, got through standup easily.

Lunch = pb sandwich - coffee + a pear.

Didn't take any new tickets. Only worked a single ticket. Spent the rest of the day on reviews. Nearly missed the team meeting. Kept going with Openshift training.

Dinner = leftover carnitas burrito + Smirnoff Ice watermelon mimosa + Crabbie's.

Virtual WNA was just us talking.

Added the basics to get the Centers for Skaven Control mod working for High Elfs. Started a new campaign as ALEAF ANAR to test it while watching NXT.

Skipped whiteboard stuff AGAIN. Was way too tired. It's OK, August has gone much better than even I could've anticipated.

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