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Day 167: Thursday 27 August 2020 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Woke up ahead of time because fucking MoshingBadger sent the calendar invite for the fucking AM, not PM. angry Couldn't get back to sleep, so got up and got ready.

Team meeting went OK. After stretching, went for a power walk. This time I passed the temple. Never knew it was here before a couple of months ago, now sad that I won't be able to come here with Kai anymore.

Lunch = bec from Bagels on Park. A little unhappy that T is starting to think lockdown is a form of control. Every other country has managed to end their lockdown because they contained their virus, so who exactly is being controlled here?? glare

Didn't take any new tickets... because none were available. Instead, kept going with OpenShift training and kept bugging people offering to help.

Dinner = last of the leftover burritos from Burrito Joint + salad + Magner's pear + Crabbie's.

Thunder from outside hit right when I was trying to down some medicines. That would've been such a stupid way to die! dead

D&D: Unnamed 5e Campaign

We are in combat from the last session. The fish people were stupid to mess with us. Al's King's blade and my Cloud of Daggers made fishmeal out of them. Shatter took care of most of the fishmen scrubs, and Frider & Sparky took care of the rest. Ajax used Misty Step to join Al and hammer the fuck outta the shaman. It wailed as it died, and some of its blood spilled on the statue. A portal appeared, the ritual complete, and tentacles emerged through the portal. The last remaining triton attacked Ajax. It tried to, anyway, and then it ran. I tried talking to the last living fishman, and got a vicious roar in response. I used firebolt to explode it. Frider & Sparky took longer than expected to finish off the last triton.

The thing emerged fully from the portal. I asked "What the fuck is that?" Grexith whispered to me "pelagic nightmare". Neither I nor Frider could hit it, but Sparky doused it with fire breath... which did no damage! Ajax was blinded by ink, and everyone besides me got whomped by tentacles. Only Sparky escaped the tentacles grip, narrowly.

Ajax broke free and tried to smack it with his Chainbreaker. I hit it with my chill touch. That was enough for me to stop being afraid of it. Everyone (except me, again) got chucked against the walls, even the ones who had previously escaped, then got bludgeoned again by tentacles.

I consulted Alterious' Grimoire. It's vulnerable to lightning, which is the one type of spell I don't have access to! Fuck! Ajax pulled every fucking trick he had to try and hit the fucker. One of Sparky's bites actually connected, and one of Al's daggers did too.

I linked up with the nightmare telepathically and asked what it was doing in a plane with no water. It didn't fall for my very obvious bluff. Ajax finally got off his stupid ass and laid on hands for Sparky, healing him just enough to hit the thing with another fire breath. This time he did major damage!

Finally everyone (except Frider) managed to avoid being grappled long enough to put the hurt on the damned thing. We even surrounded it! Ajax killed it. Die, monster. You don't belong in this world.

Looking around, I found a coin. I wiped it off, then hung it around my neck. It's not magical, but belonged to a djinn of water. Possibly used to call in a favor. Script in Aquan. I cut off a large portion of tentacle (not the entire thing) but before eating it we'll need to know if it's edible.

Ajax found nothing. Al chopped its belly open and found multiple treasure chests. Al called the Librarian to let Mama know things were handled. Also what is this stuff? Small consolation that the hamlet was sparsely populated, so not too many of the fishmen we killed used to be people. We're probably not in a pocket dimension.

We couldn't tell too much about the statue, especially whether it could be reused to create a new portal... but Al found a hidden pocket. Not trapped. An ammonite spiral shell, glowing brightly. A battery of some sort? A conduit? I covered the eyes of the statue with ink. It looked stupid now. Al suggested hitting it with Chainbreaker. I approved. Ajax demolishes the statue.

Outside the cove, we saw Grace. She was surprised to see us, and also not thrilled about the smell. We boarded after washing off. She asked about the tentacle. "From a giant squid?" "Yes, a squid vampire. Largest I've ever seen."

We headed back to Solarón to see Mama.


Stayed up really late going to town in my ALEAF ANAR campaign.

3rd day in a row of no whiteboard stuff... Am I regressing? cry Really late shower. Quick, but late. z_z

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