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Day 190-191: Weekend Edition 19-20 September 2020 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Saturday - Woke up an hour later than desired because I stupidly preferred the warmed underneath the blanket. Yes it's cold out, but this is the cold to be savored before the fucking cowards turn on the heat. Luckly I had my brand new handy-dandy new light jacket so I didn't have to worry about pulling a sweatshirt over my face while I've got a mask on.

Went grocery shopping, good. Tried getting quarters for the laundry, not so good. At least I *think* I have enough quarters for LAUNDRY, as long as none of them are duds...

Lunch = Dunkin. ♥ Dropped off the postcards from last night.

Finished a problem in Piaggio that I'd been trying to solve since June 12th! I wasn't trying very hard, but I was *trying*. My conclusion is that the book's answer is wrong and I are very smrt. sticking tongue out Anyway, onwards and upwards.


Liquor store run.

Dinner = chicken wings + salmon + seaweed salad + Crabbie's + Lucha Underground. Finished season 2, started season 3. So, so good.

Finally had a chance to test the changes to the Centers for Skaven Control mod that I made the other day. So happy that it worked! victory!  love and peace! Continued the Eltharion campaign determined to finish it.

Stayed up late cleaning the humidifier... I should've done this as soon as the heat was turned off in the Spring. It was idiotic to wait. confused, embarrassed

Sunday - Slept in by a couple hours. wide eyed It was so fucking cold!

Lunch = pb sandwich - coffee.

Cleaned the bathroom.

Dinner = chicken wings + salmon + seaweed salad + comic books - alcohol.

Wrote postcards for Cal Cunningham in North Carolina.

Also kept going in the transformations book I'm reading. Got angry at getting stuff wrong and tried to dial it back a bit. confused, embarrassed

Got to bed a little early with the intent of doing another grocery run...

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