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Day 355: Wednesday 3 March 2021 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Woke up on time and didn't feel overly destroyed!

Got through standup easily.

Lunch = Dunkin. ♥ Would've preferred Bagels on Park, but too much time pressure.

Named client A came back and said my idea didn't work. Ah well! sticking tongue out

1:1 with FH: she wants me to be her mentor. This is going to be a disaster. Also too, what I heard about her relationship with our boss was not good. It's possible both of them are badly miscommunicating. I hope that's all it is...

1:1 with my boss went OK. Lots of stuff to talk about, so we went way over allotted time.

Lots of reviews for people.

Dinner = shredded chicken burrito + salad + Smirnoff Ice black cherry + Crabbie's.

Virtual WNA - We (Queep, Thor, SteelNDirt, Cpt Hook, Mythican, Slayzer) tried Crewlink! It worked great for everyone except SteelNDirt.

Stayed up late to resume my Volkmar the Grim campaign. Defeated Chaos in the stupidest way possible.

Got through a Project Rosalind problem to keep up the streak! Didn't get to bed until 5am.

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