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Day 356: Thursday 4 March 2021 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Woke up on time, but didn't accomplish what I wanted.

Lunch = pb sandwich - coffee.

Updated Encounters at Derp mod to take advantage of ideas that had been shared on reddit. Updated Fudging Vassals mod to unify both queues. The code is much "simpler" now, even if it's still a wreck. sticking tongue out

Dinner = leftover tofu burrito + Crabbie's + Smirnoff Ice black cherry.

D&D: Slow Times in Tortle City

I could use a shield! I found a halfling trader, and we quickly agreed that I couldn't afford a magical shield. They pointed out a very used shield and I haggled it down to 20 sp. A little bit away from the shop, I infused the shield w/ Enhanced Defence. It's now a +1 shield! Rest of patrol was uneventful.

Gadnuk discussed getting savaged by wolves w/ Mrs. Wool: it hurt! Bear warned Gadnuk to be aware of wizards. Mrs. Wool said her friend, Hezin, is eccentric, but not dangerous.

Gadnuk was bored and wanted to kill time. But what? They ended up at the Mercenary Guild looking for a fight. There's elven monks, so of course Gadnuk started by insulting them, then suggesting a wager. Gadnuk beat the first elf barely, got knocked out the the second, then got wrecked entirely by the third. After the staff revived him, Gadnuk asked for advice. The elves were remarkably gracious in victory.

After my shift ended, I stopped by the watch HQ and clocked out. The desk sergeant (Nordim) complimented me on taking care of the wolves. I thanked them, then headed for the inn. I greeted Nazrina, who agreed to stay behind to guard Mrs. Wool. Bear had no time for Gadnuk and Wool's puns, so we grabbed the care package and headed out.

We reached the tower as the sun started to set. I took point @ Gadnuk's insistence. There's a gargoyle! Hezin's name activated it, but Hezin isn't here supposedly. We checked the entire tower, twice. No entrance. Gadnuk tried again to talk to the gargoyle, but Gadnuk was so rude there was no room for me to politely ask for permission to enter. Instead, Gadnuk & I looked for a magical entrance if no doorway is forthcoming. I suggested leaving until tomorrow, but Gadnuk wouldn't shut up, so the gargoyle attacked. Instead of retreating, Gadnuk suspected something was wrong, so he and Bear waded in. While the others fought, I tried to get the gargoyle's attention, but Gadnuk's rudeness continued making it difficult. I deployed a snare in front of me and insisted the gargoyle picked on someone its own size. Bear wailed on the gargoyle, but Gadnuk failed miserably to follow up. The gargoyle flew into the snare, but broke free immediately. It attacked me, but I blocked it easily. I got it to reveal that Hezin was here earlier today. Bear flanked it, and Gadnuk finally finished the gargoyle off.

The gargoyle's body reassembled into a doorway. I headed inside. No one responded when I called, likely because no one was there. I headed to the 2nd floor immediately, which had floating lights surrounding a massive crystal. The lights are elemental orbs. My way up was blocked by a runed force field. I tried tapping the purple orb, but got no response.

We returned downstairs to check the table for any notes on the crystals, orbs, or runed force fields. Gadnuk grabbed a crystal, headed back upstairs, and heard a voice! It's Hezin! They're curious how we got in? Gadnuk explained that we fought our way past the gargoyle, Granite. He wanted us to break the big crystal quickly so the barrier would come down and let us upstairs. Gadnuk retrieved me and Bear, and explained Hezin was trapped in a giant crystal.


Stayed up late testing changes to Fudging Vassals. This one will be ready for release soon I think.

Also wrote postcards for Candy Christophe. And started a new campaign as Karl Franz.

If you wish to comment, please do so at the entry itself and not on LJ. Thanks for reading!
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