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Day 357: Friday 5 March 2021 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Slept in more than I wanted! sticking tongue out

Lunch = PORK ROLL, eggs, and cheddar on an onion bagel, hell yes.

Kept going in my Karl Franz campaign. Lots of small fixes to stuff in the Underdogs mod, and a fairly big fix to the Fudging Vassals mod. Whoops.

Wrote postcards for Candy Christophe. ♥

Long call with CHRG to catch up with him. He already got both shots of the vaccine due to his govt work, not to mention his heart.

Kai was too tired, so Kayul didn't call. Instead, she sent me a nice video of him singing, and also a video from last year so we could see how much he's grown. wide eyed No covid for either of them, which is nice.

Shaved. This somehow took 2 hours. angry Everything felt like I was moving through molasses today, really.

Dinner = last of the leftover burritos + cheesecake + Smirnoff Ice black cherry.

Smackdown was pretty damn good. Felt like everyone was feeling it.

Got some other whiteboard stuff in. Goddamn I'm good.

Meg wants me to feed Stella tomorrow, so I doubt I'll have time to meet Mom & Dad for dinner tomorrow. They're going to be so happy to hear that. confused, embarrassed

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