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Day 358-359: Weekend Edition 6-7 March 2021 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Saturday - Slept in far more than I should've. Very slow to get ready. Stupid stupid stupid.

Lunch = pb sandwich - coffee + an apple that took forever to eat. confused, embarrassed


Felt mildly betrayed because there's one guy on my floor who always has a mask on, but today I found him in the fucking laundry corner and, lo and behold, he wasn't wearing a fucking mask! angry

Lyft to Meg's place took almost half an hour to schedule. angry But when I got there, Stella meowed and meowed until I gave her food. The pill she was supposed to take for her asthma was very easy to administer, thanks to the pill pocket, which I hadn't heard of before. So convenient!

Walked back in the freezing cold. A guy with a bike was waiting outside. When I opened the door, he VERY HELPFULLY took off his mask to explain that he would've opened the door but his fingers were frozen and he couldn't reach the keys. I don't fucking care, dude, just keep your fucking mask on! angry

Dinner = 2 powerbars + all the leftover salad + cheesecake + Smirnoff Ice black cherry.

Got the tiniest amount of whiteboard stuff in to keep the streak alive.

Around 4am I noticed that mayyyyybe I accidentally corrupted the save files for my latest campaign. Whoops!

Sunday - Didn't sleep in too much. Ran to pick up lunch (the usual) from Bagels on Park. Poor T appears to have hurt her hand again.

Sent my order to Mom. Then instead of cleaning like I should've, delayed horribly for no good reason.

Kept debugging Fudging Vassals mod from yesterday. Also some small tweaks to Underdogs.

The food Mom ordered arrived from KARMA CAFE! I haven't had Indian food in so long! But first I had to clean the fucking bathroom. angry

Kayul called with Kai, luckily I caught them in time.

Dinner = salmon + shrimp + lamb all with paratha and rice + Smirnoff Ice black cherry + Crabbie's + AEW Revolution. Revolution was so good. Almost everything was perfect, I don't even care the stage explosion was a dud because Hangman Adam Page won his match! So good. So fucking good.

What I do care about is the fucking fire alarm went off so I missed that particular match, I had to watch it on fucking streamable. Also, it was fucking cold outside! Also also, like an impossibly shitty neighbor, I forgot to check whether J had evacuated with her bum knees. Of course she had already beaten me to the bottom of the stairs and was checking the building fire panel while my stupid ass was freezing outside.

Didn't get to bed until 6am because I'm a fucking moron.

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