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Day 384: Thursday 1 April 2021 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Once again, didn't get the best night's sleep... but it was still better than the previous night.

Once of my tickets escalated overnight. So dumb. I tried to work it as best as I could... but then 12:30pm hit and I had to run to the Elks Lodge for my first covid shot! Moderna, because nothing else was available, but better this than no vaccine. Whole process (going over, intake, shot, waiting, return) took only an hour! wide eyed

Lunch = pb sandwich using pita bread - coffee.

Wasn't able to take any new tickets despite the board being busy, spent the entire day either working the escalated ticket or doing reviews for FH. (Who also got her shot today.)

Ran to Daily to pick up Chinese food. Wasn't thrilled by the guy waiting inside with no mask.

Dinner = orange chicken - alcohol.

Rewatched last night's AEW Dynamite. Tremendous episode. So good!

Also finally watched Over the Moon, the movie that BlenderNut worked on. Good stuff, I'm so proud of him!

Got on the whiteboard, twice. I'd like to prioritize my health this month, but that's already off to a bad start. Still, 95 day streak, wowzers.

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