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Day 386-387: Weekend Edition 3-4 April 2021 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Saturday - Lay in bed for quite some time because my arm still hurt so much. Around 1pm got up. Lunch = pb sandwich on pita bread - coffee.

Restarted yesterday's Volkmar the Grim campaign when I got bored. New campaign is inexplicably more violent with some matchups I haven't had in a while. Very happy.

Shaving took 2 hours. Good thing I had the Contesting Wrestling podcast, but come the fuck on, what the fuck.

Fudging Vassals mod appears to be well received. ♥

Dinner = boneless spare ribs + leftover salad - alcohol + Resident Alien season 1 finale. It made less sense than usual, but I suppose I was entertained.

LAUNDRY. Yes, my arm still fucking hurt, but I dragged everything downstairs and then back upstairs. dead

Stayed up too late. Got on the whiteboard, sure, but I should've balanced this out a bit.

Sunday - Not an auspicious day to wake up early for. I had a raging headache and Meg was whole body sore from her Pfizer shot. Needless to say, we did not hang out. cry

Lunch = Dunkin. ♥

Even though the weather was nice, didn't go for a walk. Instead, tried to clear miscellaneous tasks.

Kept going with my Volkmar the Grim campaign. 600 subscribers to the Fudging Vassals mod in only 3 days! I don't know if that's a personal record but it felt nice.

Dinner = leftover orange chicken + the last of the leftover salad - alcohol.

Stayed up late trying to get on the whiteboard. Felt really good when I solved the next Rosalind problem since it was an elegant (IMO) solution that reused a bunch of previous stuff. victory!  love and peace!

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