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Day 388: Monday 5 April 2021 by Lord Omlette


Derp in the Time of Coronavirus

Woke up on time! Showed up in time for my database-as-a-service rotation. But no one was there. Got through standup easily. Much later, I finally got a walkthrough scheduled with SM.

Lunch = pb sandwich - coffee.

After that, took 2 new tickets and worked them both. Both were relatively easy, especially thanks to help from CM. Only one of my tickets was active and that one was also simple to answer. Praise Sigmar those tickets were easy. Felt like there's a zit or an insect bite inside my nose. Made it hard to concentrate. sick

D, a product designer, reached out asking my opinion on something... because she saw that I answered alot of questions about this product on Slack. I took a peek at her work and was blown away. Nice to see we have people working on the crappy experiences customers complain about! victory!  love and peace!

1:1 with my boss went OK. Bunch of things to report but no overall progress.

Spent the entire freaking day on my Volkmar the Grim campaign. Fixed a bug in the vanilla campaign in my Please Go Away Chaos mod. That'll be a little feather in my cap.

Dinner = last of the leftover Chinese food - alcohol + WWE Raw. It doesn't feel like Wrestlemania is this weekend, and I'm still cranky that they broke up The Hurt Business. Oh well...

Sort of lost all energy/motivation after dinner, not sure why. I finally mustered the energy for *some* whiteboard stuff, but I could've gotten alot more done IMO. Argh.

Was dead tired around 4am when I realized skipping a shower was probably the fastest way to get into bed.

Nasty cut on my left hand required a bandaid. I suspect this is because I chew my hand when I'm thinking. confused, embarrassed

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. MoshingBadger on their new arrival, Hannah! ♥

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